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Mark Shuttleworth: ODF Beats MSOOXML

Mark Shuttleworth is unequivocal in his opinion that ODF is a superior format to MSOOXML:

“With regard to open standards on document formats, I have no confidence in Microsoft’s OpenXML specification to deliver a vibrant, competitive and healthy market of multiple implementations. I don’t believe that the specifications are good enough, nor that Microsoft will hold itself to the specification when it does not suit the company to do so. There is currently one implementation of the specification, and as far as I’m aware, Microsoft hasn’t even certified that their own Office12 completely implements OpenXML, or that OpenXML completely defines Office12’s behavior. The Open Document Format (ODF) specification is a much better, much cleaner and widely implemented specification that is already a global standard. I would invite Microsoft to participate in the OASIS Open Document Format working group, and to ensure that the existing import and export filters for Office12 to Open Document Format are improved and available as a standard option. Microsoft is already, I think, a member of OASIS. This would be a far more constructive open standard approach than OpenXML, which is merely a vague codification of current practice by one vendor.”

This is a clear and concise summary of the arguments around the ODF/MSOOXML debate that I have long been collecting here.

Further, Shuttleworth, and his company Canonical‘s attitude about the world of Free Software is in strong accordance with my own. I think it is the most elegant strategic direction to follow:

“My goal is to carry free software forward as far as I can, and then to help others take the baton to carry it further. At Canonical, we believe that we can be successful and also make a huge contribution to that goal. In the Ubuntu community, we believe that the freedom in free software is what’s powerful, not the openness of the code. Our role is not to be the ideologues-in-chief of the movement, our role is to deliver the benefits of that freedom to the widest possible audience. We recognize the value in “good now to get perfect later” (today we require free apps, tomorrow free drivers too, and someday free firmware to be part of the default Ubuntu configuration) we always act in support of the goals of the free software community as we perceive them.”

One Response to “Mark Shuttleworth: ODF Beats MSOOXML”

  1. Don Watkins Says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    It strikes me that Microsoft is flailing about attempt to convince itself that it has a future. The rest of the world is going for ODF and Microsoft will eventually be forced to as well. There struggle is indicative of the desperation already present in Redmond.