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Ubuntu vs. Windows: It’s no Contest

Paul Nowak writes for AjaxWorld magazine, After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad, Increasingly Archaic, Increasingly Unfriendly.

“There are many night-and-day differences between Windows and Ubuntu and, for a guy that does 80% standard office tasks and the rest of the time I’m doing Linux admin tasks, it was nearly all in favor of Ubuntu after the first few weeks of the transition. Overall, my productivity and the scope of things I can do with Ubuntu far exceed what I could do with Windows.”

Interestingly, Nowak, a Linux sysadmin, had attempted to migrate before without success: “Three prior attempts over the years at using Linux as my daily desktop OS had me primed for failure. Well, Ubuntu takes Linux where I’ve long hoped it would go – easy to use, reliable, dependable, great applications too but more on that later. It has some elegance to it – bet you never heard that about a Linux desktop before.”

One of the most immediate annoyances with Windows is the difficulty of installing applications. Not that the process is hard, but rather it is not automated like Ubuntu’s Synaptic tool, and becomes much slower when installing and updating many applications at one time. He compares, rhetorically asking:

“MS Windows with a factory install disk, separate disks for Office and for Virus protection and then a lot of hunt-and-peck downloading for various apps like Thunderbird, Firefox, SSH, and Calendar or….Ubuntu with one CD and an OS that includes an integrated, extensible, and slick software package manager where all the software is approved and tailored to the installation?”

No contest. Ubuntu is better, and progressing faster. The next few years are bound to see a global sea change!

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