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Solveig Haugland on Extensions

Solveig Haugland has another great article at K-12 Open Technologies. This one’s “The World of Extensions,” covering the fast-growing ecosystem of extensions you can install to add functionality to your installation of OpenOffice.

OpenOffice extensions were inspired by Firefox’s success with them, and became available in recent versions of OOo (2.3, I think, and then were beefed up in 2.4). They are an easy way for programmers and companies to participate in the community, to introduce their products to OpenOffice users, and to customize OOo to better suit specific niche market needs.

Solveig’s article explains how to install extensions and then lists some of her favorites, such as Pagination, the Sun Report Builder, GoogleDocs integration, eFax, templates and clipart from OxygenOffice, and more.

It’s a great starting point for learning about and using the wealth of extensions out there.

One Response to “Solveig Haugland on Extensions”

  1. Alberto Muller Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    Hello Solveig, I could greatly benefit from your blogs, especially for Base, but everything disappeared because of the necessity to re install Windows. I cannot find the relevant blogs of yours where you explained Base in a such a beautiful and simple manner. Where can I find them ? Many thanks for your answer. A.Muller