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ISO Battle Isn’t Over

The highly irregular and foolishly mistaken decision of the ISO to approve Microsoft OOXML as a standard does not appear to be over yet. Groklaw is following the aftermath, in which already four countries are appealing OOXML’s ISO approval.

Groklaw quotes ZDNet: “After the two-month appeal period, we now have four appeals — Brazil, India, South Africa and Venezuela,” Jonathan Buck, the director of communications for IEC, told on Monday. “The appeals are now with our CEOs, IEC General Secretary Ronnie Amit, and ISO Secretary General Alan Bryden, who have a 30-day period to make sure appeals conform to directives.”

Other countries, such as Denmark, have found problems but their standards bodies did not make formal appeals.

Quite possibly, we’re in the midst of a market shift as ODF continues to gain traction globally while MSOOXML stalls and sputters.

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