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“OpenOffice More Popular Than Realized” assembles a collection of links to support its article More Popular Than Realised, Even in Education.

The roundup links to seven articles covering the widespread use of OOo in education, the number of downloads achieved by OOo 2.0 (old news now), comparisons between OOo and MSO for new users, the cost advantage of OOo and how its continued growth will impact Microsoft revenues, and also info on NeoOffice and RedOffice.

In response to the title, it is truly a difficult task to estimate OOo (or Linux) usage share. Recent estimates range as high as 200 million OOo users globally and rising fast, but there is no central record-keeping and there are numerous ways to share the code.

Eventually the mainstream media will catch on and report the large number of OOo users, which will cause even more people to switch, but until then all I can say is that when I send ODF files to colleagues, I almost never hear complaints. (Are they not reading my documents? Are they opening them in Google Docs? Or do they use OOo?)

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