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OpenOffice 2.0’s Charting Wizard

Solveig writes Finding hidden treasures in OpenOffice 2.0’s Charting Wizard for

It doesn’t seem like the best endorsement of the program’s user interface, but at least what you need to do can be done, with the proper knowledge (gleaned from this article):

“The chart features in OpenOffice are like a mystery-lover’s dream vacation: a huge, mysterious old house with lots of long halls, secret bookcases, dark closets and creaky doors that, when you peer behind them, reveal wonderful secrets.

Now, I realize that all this mystery can be annoying if you don’t have three months of summer to explore the charting features and you just want your darn scatterplot out in a few minutes. Fortunately, even though much of the power of OpenOffice charts is hidden, once you know it’s available and where to find it, you can get to it much more easily.

So, here’s your tour of the powerful, hidden charting jewels in OpenOffice 2.0.”

As we expect from Solveig, it’s a good, clear article with many helpful pictures and screenshots to guide us along.

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