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National Archives of Australia Moves to ODF

Andy Updegrove writes Case Study II: A National Archive Moves to ODF, covering “the decision by the National Archives of Austalia (NAA) to move its digital archives program to software that supports ODF.”

He writes, “The significance of this example is that the NAA gathers in materials from many sources, in many different formats, which will need to be converted to ODF compliance for long term archival storage… But that will be a one-time only exercise, as compared to maintaining the capability of accessing all of those documents in all of those formats indefinitely. Instead, post conversion, the NAA will only need to deal with one software suite (in this case they have selected OpenOffice 2.0).  But even if OOo is eventually discontinued, the ODF compliant documents will remain accessible, so long as any ODF supporting software remains available.”

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