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Brazil, India, Italy, Poland Recognize ODF

A sudden rush of large countries are adopting or recommending the use of ODF!

The Open Malaysia blog covers this story, as does Data Manager Online (Italy).

Brazil has now deprecated XLS, PPT and DOC file formats in favor of officially recommending ODF for its governmental use.

The ODF Alliance press release (download a PDF here), that touched off both articles, mentions that “Italian standards bodies voted unanimously to recognize ODF as soon as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) formally publishes IS 26300, which [happened on November 30].”

Poland held a national meeting in which ODF was strongly advocated, and “in India, a government order was issued that ODF files will be used for the Delhi state government’s commercial tax office.”

These are bold moves taking place in major countries. ODF just keeps piling on the victories, and its outlook is continually improving.

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