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Amsterdam Mulls the Linux Desktop reports Amsterdam mulls the Linux Desktop:

“Amsterdam has decided to give the Linux desktop and OpenOffice a try. In late December, the city — previously a Microsoft-only operation — announced plans to spend 300,000 Euros (roughly $400,000) on testing Linux and other open-source software in its housing department and in the Zeeburg borough office in 2007.”

“The test is scheduled to run during the first half of 2007, and, if successful, all of Amsterdam’s government may start using open source software. The city, however, does not plan to abandon proprietary software completely. “It is the expectation that a new contract with Microsoft will be smaller,” added van Goethem. The contract comes up for renewal at the end of 2008.”

In the article’s conclusion, it suggests that a tipping point may be near for desktop Linux usage in governments. In Europe, this seems very likely, whereas the US may be a little further behind.

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