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India and Poland to Reject MSOOXML

India’s rejection of Microsoft OOXML is definite and consistent with its previous ballot, Groklaw announces:

“I’m very happy to report that despite all the pressure to get India to change its vote, India has stalwartly voted No once again to OOXML. That will, I hope, encourage others to vote what they truly believe is right.”

An even more positive development is that Poland appears prepared to reject MSOOXML in its bid to become an ISO standard, a reversal from its original vote. (The only qualifier here is that a bewildering array of new rules have suddenly been implemented, and cautious observers are concerned a technicality could be used to disqualify Poland’s change of vote.)

“There is a report by Borys Musielak of that Poland met to vote on OOXML on Thursday. Of 45 members of the committee eligible to vote, 24 showed up to vote, and it split almost down the middle, with 12 for, 10 against and 2 abstaining. This is extraordinary, since Poland voted yes in September, despite the technical committee being opposed. I call that progress.”

Note that consensus is required, not a simple majority vote, hence the rejection.

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