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OpenOffice 2.4 Released

OOo Ninja’s got a screenshot-full post on new features in 2.4, which was released yesterday.

See the official 2.4 feature notes at (check out more screenshots) and the Slashdot release announcement:

“The multiplatform, multilingual office suite has announced the release of version 2.4. New features include 5 PDF export enhancements, text to columns in Calc, rectangular selection in Writer, bug fixes, performance improvements, improvements supporting the growing library of extensions such as 3D OpenGL transitions in Impress, and much more. Downloads are available either direct or P2P. In September, 3.0 will add PDF import, Microsoft Office 2007 file format support, and ODF 1.2.”

Also, the OpenOffice website user interface was updated and it looks great.

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