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Another OpenOffice 3.0 Preview writes a preview of new OOo features in 3.0: What to Expect?

The features it covers are probably well-known to readers of this blog, but it includes good screenshots and a great deal of enthusiasm (using far more exclamation points than even I do):

“If you thought 2.4 was major release, then you have seen nothing! Come September, will release it’s 3.0 version! That must be quite a big jump!”

The author likes multiple-pages view, the new notes feature, Mac OS X support, Calc’s user interface improvements, tables in Impress, PDF import, and the Presenter Screen extension.

As I, the author is quite pleased with this upgrade:

“OpenOffice 3.0 is a major milestone for the project, there are tons of other new features. I also noticed a great improvement in speed, which has always a bane in previous versions.

“If you can’t wait until September, why don’t you download the beta version and try it out, so far it has been very much stable for me. You can download 3.0 beta here.”

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