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OOo 3.1’s Antialiasing Upgrade 3.1 is the next upcoming release of OOo, and among the new features it will include is a very visible improvement to graphics, in the form of antialiasing support.

Armin Le Grand describes what to expect in his post Finally: Anti Aliasing is Done for OOo 3.1 for the GullFOSS blog. One of the most obvious improvements is in the display of charts:

Antialiasing an OOo Chart

Antialiasing an OOo Chart

The improvements that allow this attractive antialiasing also bring along other improvements, including better geometric processing for all vector graphics, with further upgrades planned for the future:

The extended DrawingLayer starting from OOo 3.1 will allow more graphical enhancements in the future. As an example, Full Object Drag as a feature for OOo 3.1 is realized using the new functionalities. You may also have noticed the enhanced selection visualizations in the Applications, also a result of those internal changes.

I make heavy use of Draw to create flowcharts and webpage wireframes, so these graphical enhancements will be a welcome enhancement to my work processes.

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