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Chandler on Maemo (Nokia 770)

March 23rd, 2006 Benjamin Horst

One of my favorite software products under development is the Open Source Application Foundation’s Chandler. One of my favorite hardware products recently released is the Linux-powered Nokia 770 web tablet. Running Chandler on the Nokia 770 would be a really exciting combination of the two!

It looks like the first steps are being taken, since wxWidgets and wxPython are being ported to the Maemo platform now.

Nokia 770: The Open Tablet Platform

December 22nd, 2005 Benjamin Horst

Coolness. Russell Beattie, on, writes, Nokia 770: Okay, Silicon Valley Time To Get To Work.

The new Nokia 770 web tablet is a fascinating platform, and his argument is that because the platform is totally open (based on Debian, in fact), that developers are going to build a community around it and make awesome software applications for this tool. I am really looking forward to what they build!

Beattie writes, “I can envision a million scenarios around this device. Streaming media is big (the streaming MP3 player that sits on the “desktop” is soooo cool) – all the podcasting and streaming music companies should be pushing this as an alternative to iPod downloads (Hey! No more bitching about Apple or DRM either!). Making a copy of Nintendo’s Picto-chat would another route, but integrated into the major IM networks – great for kids who would otherwise be tying up the family PC. In fact, there’s lots to learn from the Nintendo DS: A Nintendogs clone on the 770 would be awesome – touch screen, microphone and all. Lots of casual games would be perfect for this device: If a PSP can do RSS and Web browsing, why can’t the 770 be seen as a gaming platform? Hell, with the Bluetooth and USB connections, you could even provide add-on controllers for it too.”

Also, check out the thorough Ars Technica review of the 770!