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“Updating Ubuntu 5.10 for Current Versions of OpenOffice and Firefox”

February 6th, 2006 Benjamin Horst

Tom Adelstein writes Updating Ubuntu 5.10 for Current Versions of OpenOffice and Firefox for

Ubuntu is my favorite Linux distro, and yet I was having the same problem that Adelsten solves in the linked article. It’s pretty cool–thanks, Tom! Newsletter – January 2006

February 4th, 2006 Benjamin Horst

The January edition of the newsletter is out on the net!

Highlights from January include:

There is a lot more in the newsletter that I’m going to skip in this summary. As a closing note, I’ll mention that the website has clocked 56,400,000 downloads of OOo as of mid-January. Pretty amazing!

Mass’ New CIO Appointed

February 3rd, 2006 Benjamin Horst

Massachusetts’ Governor Mitt Romney has appointed a new CIO, and through the press release indicates that his ODF support is stronger than ever. Andy Updegrove reports on

“The announcement that Louis Gutierrez would replace Quinn was made today by State Secretary of Administration and Finance Thomas Trimarco, the immediate supervisor of the State CIO. The appointment of Gutierrez will be effective on February 6, 2006.”

A recent Slashdot article links to the story and provides the site’s usual commentary.

In addition, Sam Hiser collects some fine thoughts of his own, in Microsoft, the Paint & the Corner.

NeoOffice “Tipping” Point

February 2nd, 2006 Benjamin Horst

Simon Phipps publishes a piece on his weblog titled NeoOffice Tipping Point.

He discusses the progress Patrick Luby has been making with the Mac OS X port of OOo, NeoOffice. And he helps spread the word that Patrick can do this work because donations from NeoOffice users pay him enough to get by. So, if you can, head on over to Patrick’s tip jar and donate a few dollars!

Zoho Writer

February 1st, 2006 Benjamin Horst

I’ve started using Zoho Writer instead of Writely for online document creation and sharing.

Zoho Writer is a new collaboration tool, an online word processor that is compatible with OpenOffice and soon with the ODF standard as well. It’s also part of a larger suite of tools by Zoho.

Unlike Writely, Zoho is written in Java and runs on Linux and Apache, which is definitely preferable to the Windows/IIS platform of Writely! (Why would anyone use that anymore?)