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Introducing Recourser

October 29th, 2013 Benjamin Horst

My team and I recently launched a new web project by the name of Recourser. It’s a web directory of online courses and MOOCs, to help people find courses and even careers that fit their interests.

We’re building something that we think will be fun and useful for many people and we’re quite excited about it.

The site is new (and very beta) and will have some bugs and missing pieces but we’d love to share it and hear folks’ input. Please take a look around and let us know what you think and where we can improve. All of your ideas and feedback are welcome!


Can Montreal Become an Open Source Startup Hub?

February 21st, 2011 Benjamin Horst

Evan Prodromou asks, “Can Montreal Become an Open Source Startup Hub?

“Montreal has the opportunity to be the best ecosystem in the world for Open Source software startups. We’ve got a good cadre of entrepreneurs here who’ve had experience with building Open Source companies. We have investors who’ve been through the process of investing in and nurturing Open Source companies. And we have the all-important talent pool of people who’ve been part of the process.

More importantly, there’s not another leading Open Source city on the globe. San Francisco and Boston have a few companies, but they’re definitely not hubs. The commercial Open Source landscape is spread much further across the globe – from London to Utah to Germany to Austin.”

Whether Montreal, Boston, Portland Oregon, or another city, this title could confer significant economic benefit to the winner.

Interview with Sam Goodman

July 23rd, 2009 Benjamin Horst

Serial entrepreneur Sam Goodman, founder of Beijing Sammies and other Beijing-based businesses, is interviewed by WCW InSight in “Where East Eats West” – Doing Business in China, about his book and his experiences doing business in China.

Sam and I met in 1997 in Beijing and reconnected recently thanks to the internet. With his new book coming out and a promotional tour in the works, Sam will be arriving in New York City this fall to speak at the Harvard Club and other locations about his book and current projects.