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MacStack – Open Source Apps

The MacStack is a list of free and open source applications for the Mac OS X platform, and was inspired by TheOpenCD for Windows. It is a testament to the skill and dedication of the open source programmers who share their time and energy making great software for our platform. These free software programs not only hold their own against commercial competitors, but often outdo them.

Other lists of FOSS applications for Mac OS X:



Network and Web Apps:

  • Appleseed
    Distributed social networking server.
  • Drupal
    Web content management platform.
  • eGroupWare
    Web based email and collaboration platform.
  • Elgg
    Distributed social networking server.
  • Foswiki
    Intranet-oriented wiki.
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
    Firefox plugin to keep bookmarks synchronized on multiple computers.
  • Hula (on hiatus)
    Mail and calendar server with a friendly web interface.
  • Joomla
    Web content management platform.
  • wikiCalc
    Wiki spreadsheet-like web authoring tool.
  • Zoho Writer
    Online word processor.