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Will Tablets Replace PCs?

February 27th, 2011 Benjamin Horst

The iPad and forthcoming tablets from Android (and perhaps WebOS) are likely to displace PCs, at least in the developing world where the installed base of either is currently very low. The first country to watch is China, while India and much of Southeast Asia won’t be far behind. Since Android is open source, it will probably become the largest platform, but iOS devices are likely to take the prestige/luxury niche.

James Allworth discusses much the same idea on his blog post “The Fall of Wintel and the Rise of Armdroid.” Reporting on the Consumer Electronics Show, he writes,

The iPad and its many clones were not really the main story of the show. The main story — which almost nobody covered — was that this year’s CES marks the beginning of the end for Microsoft and Intel.

This transition has been a long time coming in the PC industry. Ironically enough, both of these two big players have seen the writing on the wall for almost a decade. But as is so often the case, incumbents find it immensely hard to disrupt themselves.

Allworth predicts tablets will undermine the sale of PCs to the point of extinction, and points out major milestones that have already occurred on that path:

At CES, for the first time, almost all of Microsoft’s OEM partners abandoned Microsoft exclusivity; and Microsoft’s next-generation operating system has abandoned Intel exclusively for the first time. There’s no reason to believe that either of the two companies are going to be able to turn this around. On one hand, ARM processors are perfect for powering these handheld devices. Manufacturers can customize to their heart’s content. And Android is on track to dominate the operating system space (though maybe not profitably). Both ARM and Android — Armdroid — are providing everything that tablet manufacturers need, and doing it more effectively and at a lower cost than Microsoft and Intel are able to.

We will be able to look back and say that this was the CES that saw Wintel fall and Armdroid rise up.

This outcome seems likely, though I don’t imagine PCs and laptops will disappear from offices and homes in developed countries for quite some time. However, in the developing world, this will become another case of technological leapfrogging–just as China jumped over landline phones directly to mobile phones, I think they’ll jump over PCs to arrive at tablets. The same for India and other countries in their rapid-growth phases.

As a participant in the LibreOffice project, then, I cannot sufficiently emphasize the importance of developing ODF editors for these upcoming platforms!

How to Enjoy the Taste of the Exotic China Massage

March 24th, 2010 Benjamin Horst

Receiving a massage is really a wonderful experience for most individuals in China. It will aid to calm you and it also can be the perfect finish to a busy day. There exists a huge array of massages around China, but few are as very good as the China erotic massage. The China erotic massage would be the excellent kind of massage for you as well as your companion due to the fact that it allows each of you to find your erogenous zones, even this kind of massage combine the tantric massage.

The primary principle of the China erotic massage is finding the zones from the physique which can give the pleasure to people. Now, it is necessary to point out that when we talk about an China massage, we are not speaking about illegal massage parlors which can be present in most cities of China. This China massage can be a massage which will not have intercourse in it, nonetheless it also help you chill out that other massages may can not do that.

You will find a vast amount of books which have mentioned about the concept of the China erotic massage and this kind of massage can date back thousands of years ago in China, where it had been typically utilized as holistic medication apply. The body was considered as one part of daily life force because that Chinese people have proven that life force was to touch the places on the body exactly where the force was the strongest. Not surprisingly, those places have been also really sexual places and it also the place that erotic massage was born.

The China massage is considerably like tantric massage in that it assists to put you inside a trance which is certainly amazingly soothing. Numerous men and women find they appear to drift not into sleep, but into a waking rest in which they truly feel what are happening, but are reaching nearly another degree of consciousness. This was also howChina massage worked, making it possible for people to reach sexual ecstasy even though simultaneously expanding their spirits and thoughts.

As with countless factors in East Asia, the China massage is more than simply a massage. This is a non secular expertise which can really help people to align the Chi and let you feel you are moving to one more plane of existence. With this particular massage, you’ll be able to become closer for your companion on a deeper class. This is a massage which is not just a massage. It is a special massage experience which you have to experience yourself, then you will truly feel it.

Having an Unusual Vacation in China with the Beautiful Escort Girls

March 24th, 2010 Benjamin Horst

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Interview with Sam Goodman

July 23rd, 2009 Benjamin Horst

Serial entrepreneur Sam Goodman, founder of Beijing Sammies and other Beijing-based businesses, is interviewed by WCW InSight in “Where East Eats West” – Doing Business in China, about his book and his experiences doing business in China.

Sam and I met in 1997 in Beijing and reconnected recently thanks to the internet. With his new book coming out and a promotional tour in the works, Sam will be arriving in New York City this fall to speak at the Harvard Club and other locations about his book and current projects.