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OpenOffice Marketing

Over the past few years, I’ve developed various webpage buttons, leaflets and flyers to promote OpenOffice on the web and on college campuses. They are gathered here in case they may prove useful for anyone else. Each is released into the public domain, so feel free to do anything with them.

Of course, the OpenOffice project has its own collection of art and graphics, which you can find at the Art Project site. And another great site is the Open Clip Art Library.



(Click the thumbnail to download a fullsize PDF.)

Press Contacts List

(for OpenOffice press releases, etc.)

  • AM New York
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Computer User
  • Metro
  • Newark Star Ledger
  • NY Daily News
  • NY Post
  • NYU, Columbia, CUNY and other college papers
  • Poughkeepsie Journal
  • Village Voice
  • Western Queens Tribune
  • Etc.

Other Marketing Projects