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Nokia 770

Nokia has been described as the largest computer maker in the world. They hold roughly 30% marketshare in the mobile phone market, which is expected to reach 700 million units in 2005. This means that Nokia sells more mo-phones each year, than personal computers are sold by all computer makers combined.

So, when Nokia announces a Linux-based internet tablet called the Nokia 770, it means a tectonic shift is underway.

The list price for this device is $350, according to reports. I think we’re looking at the machine which will shortly become the “$100 computer” desired by MIT and others to crack the developing world’s market. This has the potential to be almost everything a normal person needs in a computer, relegating desktops and even laptops to a niche. Running Linux, hackers will have a ball with this device, extending it in ways we can’t imagine yet, and increasing its value with every new application they create.

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