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The Java Ruckus with OpenOffice 2.0

Slashdot and others are discussing the ruckus over OpenOffice 2.0’s need for Java.

This is publicity for OpenOffice, and in that way it is beneficial. Plus, people seem more comfortable when you can talk about something but also admit it has flaws. This is perfect for promoting OpenOffice, since the flaws will turn out to be something most users just don’t care about. (The majority of OOo users are running Windows, and that is far less Free than Java, so the issue is moot for them.)

Addendum: The Apache project has announced their plans for an open source java implementation, which they call Harmony, covered here on Newsforge. Also, Christian Einfeldt interviews Simon Phipps for his perspective on the issue.

Addendum 2: Bruce Byfield describes the solution worked out between OpenOffice and the FSF.

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