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Novell and LVM Versicherungun Run Linux

Computer Business Review follows up on Novell’s internal migration to Linux and OpenOffice, while also covering a German insurance company (LVM Versicherungun)’s move of 8,500 desktops to Red Hat Linux.

“With most of the users moving to Novell Linux Desktop, launched in November 2004, and some in engineering to SUSE Linux 9.2 to meet additional development requirements, Anderson estimated in September 2004 that Novell had made savings of $900,000 on Microsoft Windows and Office licences as well as maintenance costs from the move.”

“Red Hat has recently celebrated a couple of sizeable European corporate wins for its Red Hat Desktop operating system, including German insurance company LVM Versicherungun, which has signed a contract to migrate 8,500 clients to Red Hat desktop from a self-configured Linux platform that the company has used since 2000.”

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