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“OpenOffice is Great Alternative to Microsoft”

Andy Ihnatko writes in the Chicago Sun-Times, OpenOffice is great alternative to Microsoft.

Ihnatko writes:
“Now it’s OpenOffice’s turn. An official, “stable” release of OpenOffice 2.0 will be available for download in a few days from And with this ambitious new edition of the venerable alternative to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice has officially been FireFoxed. That is, you won’t use it because you hate Microsoft or because you don’t like tying your whole office’s (or your government’s) ability to function to the proprietary whims of one single company. Maybe you won’t even use it just because it’ll cost you $0 to Microsoft Office’s $365. You’ll use it because OpenOffice 2.0 is an attractive and compelling suite of office apps in its own right…

OpenOffice 2.0 really ought to be the first choice for all students, nearly every user and even many small businesses. It’s definitely not a replacement for Microsoft Office 2003, but it’s an utterly credible alternative. And for most people, it’s all the Office they’ll ever need.”

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