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StarOffice 8 Reviewed

eWeek’s Jason Brooks puts together a thorough review of StarOffice 8, the commercial counterpart to 2.

The article summarizes, “Sun Microsystems’s StarOffice 8 is a full-featured office productivity suite that supports multiple platforms and costs significantly less than Microsoft Office. However, while this StarOffice release stands as the best Office alternative we’ve tested as of yet, minor format inconsistencies can complicate migrations.”

One Response to “StarOffice 8 Reviewed”

  1. Gerald (Jerry) Landis Says:
    August 19th, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    It seems like I am just learning GMAIL. However today I could
    not resist the free offer of STAR OFFICE 8 from Google. I have
    a new playtoy on my old systems. Hope the toy will work for me.

    Does anyone have a live phone number for a HELP DESK for
    GMAIL and other GOOGLE products.

    I have a stopper using G MAIL. When I review SENT messages
    they come doubled spaced with chopped up sentences. When I
    view them in the COMPOSE mode they are single spaced and in
    fairly good order for the typing of an old man.

    Nothing I have read on the internet or in books gives a simple solution to
    this problem.