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CinePaint at SCALE

The SCALE conference in LA this past weekend was a success! In fact, even the New York blizzard worked to my advantage, as I was able to attend the Sunday sessions that I otherwise would have missed, had my flight not been delayed.

I plan to write smaller posts about items of interest through the course of this week, instead of wrapping it up with one comprehensive entry.

First up is CinePaint. I saw the presentation by Project Manager Robin Rowe and was impressed, then had a chance later to speak with him briefly. CinePaint is a great tool that I may start using on my Mac for general raster image editing, even though I am not currently working on any film projects.

From the project website: “CinePaint is a collection of free open source software tools for deep paint manipulation and image processing. CinePaint is used for motion picture frame-by-frame retouching, dirt removal, wire rig removal, render repair, background plates, and 3d model textures… Because CinePaint handles 8-bit images in common image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG, that makes CinePaint an alternative to ordinary image editing tools. However, CinePaint has fundamentally different design goals from projects like GIMP. We have the domain experience, professionalism, and the pro users necessary for developing successful software for the high-end”

CinePaint is a not far away from a significant upgrade to the FLTK toolkit, which will allow it to work easily and with native GUI support on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. I’m anxiously awaiting this release.

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