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Banco do Brasil Adopts OpenOffice

Sadly, my Portuguese is not up to par. However, I think this article — BB troca Office por software livre até o final de 2006 — says that Banco do Brasil has moved from Microsoft Office to on 23,000 computers.

If you know where an English translation can be found, or can supply one yourself, please let me know!

Edit: Erwin Tenhumberg’s blog covers the story, and several commenters provided translations and more info: In addition to the 23,000 computers Banco do Brasil has already migrated to OpenOffice, they will migrate the remaining 80% of their desktops this year, and save $6 million in the process. (Two respondents indicate this will amount to nearly 200,000 computers all told.)

One poster also writes that in addition to Banco do Brasil, another governmental bank (Caixa Econômica Federal), is currently migrating 120,000 of its own computers from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.

I’d really like to see OpenOffice vs. MS Office marketshare figures for Brazil at the end of this process!

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