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MS Trying to Sabotage ODF?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s true: reports that Microsoft may be trying to sabotage ODF to make it irrelevant by delaying its ISO recognition until MS’ format reaches the finish line.

Groklaw also analyzes the issue:

PJ writes, “I hope I’m not giving them ideas, but all they would have to do to slow ODF down, I’m thinking, is ensure lots of discussion, review, documentation, exploration, etc. to arrange that ISO can’t ratify ODF until ECMA is ready to submit their competing XML.

That can’t be the plan, I’m sure. That would be mean and anticompetitive.

It’s rare that there would be no comments needing resolution. And if there is a comment, it has to be sent around to everyone, and then there has to be a response, and then consensus has to be reached. You get the picture. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s XML is whizzing through ECMA’s special fast track process.”

Of course, Microsoft Office 2007 has just been delayed again

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