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Open Source’s Global Development Tree

The open source development process has really grown to encompass input from all parts of the world. Even in an era of global business, few corporations can match the reach of open source projects. They have mastered the art of turning users into volunteers and developers, and thus have gained a foothold in almost every nation on every continent.

For several examples, see the current articles below that discuss contributions from Brazil, Oregon, USA, and South Africa. It’s fascinating to see the more positive side of globalization, the humanist side, that is illustrated by non-profits and is most honed by the collaborative efforts of open source software projects–the new vanguard of positive NGO contributions to worldwide development.

OpenOffice contributions from Brazil include a Portuguese language grammar checker that will grow to support English and other languages next.

The Open Source Lab at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, hosts the net infrastructure for a growing cadre of FOSS projects.

Accessibility options for the disabled are being supported by the South African government and developed by local coders and other volunteers.

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