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Google Joins ODF Alliance

Computerworld reports Google has joined the ODF Alliance.

“The Mountain View, Calif., search engine company officially became a member of the Washington-based ODF Alliance on Saturday, according to Marino Marcich, managing director of the group… Marcich called Google’s decision to join ‘a natural fit, given Writely’s support for ODF and further indication of momentum behind ODF.'”

The article also contains some useful background info that bears repeating:

“The ODF Alliance claims more than 240 members. Half are technology vendors, including founding members IBM, Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., Red Hat Inc. and Novell Inc. The other half comprise government bodies, nonprofit groups and academic institutions, according to Marcich. Companies can join the alliance without donating money.

ODF is an open XML file format that was accepted by the International Standards Organization as a standard in May. It is being adopted by the state government in Massachusetts, and in Denmark and Belgium for official governmental use.”

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