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Apple’s Leopard Wiki Server

Apple is jumping into the world of wikis with its announced “Wiki Server” for Mac OS X Leopard (server version).

They’ve taken a step beyond most of the wikis available for intranet use now: “…the Wiki provides access to a shared calendar, mailing list and blog for communication and podcasting.” These features are very interesting!

Also, they seem to have made it entirely WYSIWYG: “No syntax or markup knowledge is required ó the Wiki Server comes with full drag-and-drop support.”

To recap: “Once you create a Wiki website and give access to members of the workgroup, everyone will have the same capability to contribute to the site. And itís not limited to just text and images ó you can also access a group calendar to track meetings and deadlines or send messages to a mailing list to keep others informed. There is a blog feature thatís perfect for brainstorming or commenting on work. And thereís an option for subscribing to a podcast ó so if anyone missed that important conference call they can catch up on the news.”

One Response to “Apple’s Leopard Wiki Server”

  1. Richard Love Says:
    November 23rd, 2007 at 8:48 am

    Yes it looks good .. we are running a test site using it as a sales information system. An easy to maintain and update central reference point for out for our sales teams (25 to 40 people – needing to access a variety of documents and file tupes)