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“New York School Districts Select Linux Desktops”

Sys-Con’s Linux magazine reports New York School Districts Select Linux Desktops:

“Students in upstate New York have moved one step closer to having a computer at every desk thanks to a pilot program using Linux desktops from Novell on Intel-based computers. Designed to increase student engagement and awareness among students that they are part of a connected global community, the pilot program is aimed at delivering an Internet-connected computer to every student.

This new program will significantly increase computing resources at school while still controlling costs. Ultimately, some 80,000 students in the Rome City School District and other schools supported by the Madison Oneida Regional Information Center could benefit. As a result, students will gain technology skills and a new research tool that will improve their learning experience…

As part of the pilot, the school will make available to students Intel processor-based laptops running Linux desktops from Novell, which include the OpenOffice 2.0 productivity suite for word processing, presentations and spreadsheets…

“Linux on the desktop offers compelling value for schools, which face permanent budget challenges,” said Susan Heystee, president of Novell Americas. “With the Linux desktop from Novell, students get all the tools they need to do their work and the IT staff get a solid, secure, easy-to-manage platform — all at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. Not surprisingly, we’re seeing increasing interest in the education sector in Linux on the desktop.”

Desktop Linux and are getting closer and closer to me here in New York City! I am looking forward to the day when the City government and school system make the migration (and of course I’ll be glad to help in any way).

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