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Encryption and Anonymity

Hacktivismo announces the release of Torpark, a secure and anonymous web browser.

The press release reads, in part, “Hacktivismo, an international group of computer security experts and human rights workers, just released Torpark, an anonymous, fully portable Web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. Torpark comes pre-configured, requires no installation, can run off a USB memory stick, and leaves no tracks behind in the browser or computer. Torpark is a highly modified variant of Portable Firefox, that uses the TOR (The Onion Router) network to anonymize the connection between the user and the website that is being visited.”

Earlier this year, Hacktivismo also released a secure and anonymous instant messaging client based on GAIM, called ScatterChat.

These are intended as tools for democracy and free speech: “ScatterChat is a secure instant messaging client designed for non-technical users who require secure and anonymous communications. Our typical end-users include human rights and democracy advocates operating in hostile territory. ScatterChat is also a valuable tool for anyone requiring secure communications.”

I cannot think of a higher purpose for encryption and anonymity than this.

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