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More FOSS for Kerala, India

Ars Technica writes Fewer Windows in Kerala schools:

“Kerala, a state in India best known for its high literacy rates, relatively liberal politics, and disdain for big business, is pushing Linux into the classroom in order to promote choice and diminish the influence of Microsoft. Citing concerns about the long-term consequences of perpetuating Microsoft’s high level of dominance in the desktop software market, Kerala’s Education Minister M.A. Baby affirmed his support for free and open source software, saying: “ideologically I support Linux and Free and Open Operating Systems for IT enabled-education in schools.”

One Response to “More FOSS for Kerala, India”

  1. Razib Ahmed Says:
    September 26th, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    This is very good idea that Linux is being taught in Indian schools. Although, this idea can help that Linux is spread but there are some serious problems against the spread of open source software. Unfortunately, there are few good engineers about Linux in India and using Linux needs more knowledge and it is a bit specialized.