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Croatian Government Adopts Open Source Policy

Newsforge writes, “Croatian Government Adopts Open Source Policy.”

This summer, “the Croatian government adopted an open source software policy and issued guidelines for developing and using open source software in the government institutions. The Croatian government is concerned that proprietary software leads to too much dependence on the software suppliers. Open source software will make the government’s work more transparent, according to the government’s document, entitled “Open Source Software Policy.”

The European Union has been moving more and more toward open source, and Croatia’s harmonization with EU policies and structure (as part of its forthcoming membership) will help to encourage and support its move to open source as well. “The European Commission Action Plan 2000 had already established a set of goals for the development of a European information society. Stimulating the use of open source software in the public sector and the development of an electronic government administration were the two main goals.”

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