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As continues to improve, one target market that seems poised to adopt en masse is education, specifically college and high school students.

On this hunch, I spent a few minutes searching the web and discovered many colleges and university websites promoting OpenOffice, IT groups sharing it with students, or administrations examining OOo as a possible option. Among them, in no particular order, I have found:

St Antony’s College of the University of Oxford

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

University of Florida College of Medicine

Eckerd College in Florida

Duke University

St Catharine’s College in the UK

Concordia College in Minnesota

Malaspina University College in British Columbia, Canada

Foothill College in California

Richland Community College in Illinois

American University

Stanford University

Rutgers University

Utah State University

Drexel University

University of Pennsylvania

Please add more from your own experience in the comments below.

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