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Macedonian Municipal Employees Trained on OpenOffice

As a part of its effort to promote a knowledge-based economy and develop democracy, the Metamorphosis Foundation and USAID held training for 74 employees from 22 municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia this January.

The Macedonian government is moving away from pirated software by adopting open source. Furthermore, OpenOffice expertise is rapidly becoming necessary in the EU and for aspiring members, as the number of government computers running OOo in France, for example, has reached 400,000 in the past year.

One Response to “Macedonian Municipal Employees Trained on OpenOffice”

  1. Solveig Haugland Says:
    January 30th, 2007 at 8:30 am

    Wonderful! I’m glad to see OpenOffice skills becoming necessary; that along with the significant adoption will help tremendously. (Now I see the reason for that French major! ;> ) I’ve found that in general there’s a high proportion of governments in the US who are transitioning to OpenOffice. Perhaps that will be an influential factor since schools and governments provide forms to download to the public and generally interact with the public more than individual companies.