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MacGeneration Interviews OpenOffice Mac Project Lead

Louis Suarez-Potts posts a translation of an interview with Eric Bachard, manager of the Mac porting project.

The original interview in French is available here.

The title given to the interview reflects the growing confidence of the OOo project, and the growing confidence of its expanding userbase: “Is 2007 the year of OpenOffice?”

From this and other media attention, the consensus is that 2007 will indeed be a year for rapid growth in the adoption of OpenOffice, on the Mac and other platforms, in major markets around the globe.

I personally expect that and NeoOffice‘s combined marketshare on Mac OS X will soon match and then surpass Microsoft Office’s share. This will have ramifications for Mac users but will also accelerate interest in OOo on Windows as they see Mac mavens migrating to the new tool.

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