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Eight Countries to Receive 2,500 OLPC Test Machines reports that eight countries will receive a share of the initial 2,500 OLPC machines in February.

“The experiment is a prelude to mass production of the kid-friendly, lime-green-and-white laptops scheduled to begin in July, when 5 million will be built.

State educators in Brazil, Uruguay, Libya, Rwanda, Pakistan, Thailand and possibly Ethiopia and the West Bank will receive the first of the machines in February’s pilot before a wider rollout to Indonesia and a handful of other countries.”

With a goal of 150 million delivered by 2010, OLPC will alter the landscape of computing around the world. Further, it could help Linux marketshare reach 20% or more globally, entirely as a side effect of the project’s primary purpose. No wonder Bill Gates can’t stop trying to critique it!

One Response to “Eight Countries to Receive 2,500 OLPC Test Machines”

  1. Giancarlo Livraghi Says:
    February 15th, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    I’d love to have one or two – and, at least, give it a test run. Is it possible to get them in Europe?


    Giancarlo Livraghi – Milan, Italy