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Glyn Moody on the State of ODF

Glyn Moody writes Let There Be Light: Promoting with Sun, which covers the current strength of ODF acceptance and contrasts its chief competitor’s struggle to interest customers in its new products.

Moody begins: “The OpenDocument Format (ODF) just keeps on getting stronger. It is now an official ISO standard; there are numerous applications that support it, with varying degrees of fidelity, including Google’s online word processor and spreadsheet; there’s an official Microsoft-funded plug-in for Microsoft Office that allows it to open and save ODF files, and a program that converts between ODF and the Chinese UOF XML office format; and the ODF community has largely sorted out issues of accessibility that threatened to de-rail its adoption by Massachusetts.”

He discusses the great opportunity OpenOffice has right now to increase its market share while its competition stumbles, and how Sun looks set to alter its marketing strategy to help move things forward faster. 2007 is going to be a big year for OpenOffice!

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