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Sun Releases ODF Plugin

The Standards Blog reports that Sun has released an MSO to ODF plugin, to save Microsoft Office-generated documents in the open standard ODF format.

Sun’s plugin page offers more info and a placeholder for the download, which will be available soon: “The converter is easy to setup and use, the conversion happens transparently and the additional memory footprint is minimal. Microsoft Office users now have seamless two-way conversion of Microsoft Office documents to ODF.”

This plugin is already being used by Massachusetts to meet its new ODF requirement, without migrating all of its existing legacy MS Office systems to or other ODF-compatible applications (yet).

Microsoft has also sponsored a plugin of its own; however, the Microsoft plugin only functions with MS Office 2007, which is not very useful! Sun’s plugin works with Office 2003 (and possibly earlier versions), which means there’s no need to buy new software licenses to use it. Obviously, that’s going to be the better choice for users.

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