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Beijing Redflag Joins Development Community

The sizable Chinese software developer “Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000” announced its commitment of 50 engineers to the global OpenOffice development community.

Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 also develops a distro of OpenOffice tailored for the Chinese market, called RedOffice. From the press release, Sun announces:

“We are glad to welcome Redflag Chinese 2000 to partner with us on, the world’s leading free productivity suite and community,” said Rich Green, executive vice president, Software, Sun Microsystems. “Redflag’s dedication and commitment to further strengthens the community and enhances the product with Chinese localization, quality assurance, and core productivity applications.”

Erwin Tenhumberg covers this development as another pinnacle in the continuing rapid growth of the ODF format in his recent post, “Why ODF is a Safe Bet.”

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