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FON Migrates to Ubuntu

The founder and CEO of FON, a wireless networking company, has announced all company computers will migrate from Windows to Ubuntu.

“As of next week Fon will not buy any more Microsoft licenses, nor install, service any new Microsoft programs on any existing computers. All the software we use will be Open Source unless a certain package we need is not easily available in Open Source format.

“There are many reasons at Fon for dropping Microsoft. The first one and by far the most important is to save time… Ubuntu has the look and feel of Microsoft, but it’s like a Microsoft software that works fast, that turns on and off very quickly, that installs programs very easily, that lacks that atmosphere of paranoia that surrounds Microsoft and that is extremely easy to learn and use.”

When it comes down to it, a migration from Windows to Linux is simple. The boss says “do it,” and everybody learns fast. After a transition period, they’ll come to see that Linux is indeed a better platform, and that will be that.

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