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Dell’s Linux Commitment Grows writes Dell’s Linux desktop line keeps expanding.

“When Dell first announced that it would be releasing Ubuntu Linux-powered consumer desktops and laptops, some people saw it as more of a stunt than a serious business move. They were wrong. Dell has already expanded its consumer Linux line, and now it has announced that it will soon be offering Ubuntu Linux systems outside of the United States and for new businesses.”

That’s great news. And it’s not due to altruism; it’s because Linux makes business sense for Dell. People and companies want to use it: “While Dell has declined to announce any sales figures for its new Linux laptops and desktops, sources indicate that the sales have exceeded expectations.”

There is no doubt that Ubuntu will handle the jobs that most users and companies need done. And it costs less than Windows (especially including the time and money savings that accrue because of its freedom from viruses, spyware, and random Windows crashes). We are sure to see Ubuntu steadily increase its marketshare in the coming years, and Dell was smart to get involved now.

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