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Children’s XO Reviews on OLPC News

The site OLPC News has been fairly critical of the OLPC project, but often in a constructive way. And it has been a regular and detailed source of news on the project for a very long time now.

Recently, OLPC News posted a collection of links titled . They cover the experiences of several kids (in the USA) first introduced to the XO and asked to play with it or learn from it without any formal explanation of its workings.

In the conditions in which it was tested, the XO did very well. The kids figured it out and accomplished their tasks and seemed to enjoy working with the machine.

OLPC News asks some followup questions that are not yet answered, focusing on whether kids in developing countries, who have far less experience with computers and electronics, will also pick it up with the same ease. Currently, this is unknown, but we should see some test results from Nigeria fairly soon.

One Response to “Children’s XO Reviews on OLPC News”

  1. Wayan Says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    My post on the children’s reviews is a great example of why I am sometimes critical of OLPC. While we all celebrate the XO’s technology and the stories of elite children using it, there is of yet no solid impact reports from the target users – poor children in the developing world.

    May we all be enlightened soon.