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FOSS “Becoming Visible” on Desktops in India

Thanks to Tamil Nadu’s ongoing rollout of 40,000 desktop Linux boxes, Linux is “becoming visible on desktops” in the country, writes the Business Standard.

It’s already half complete, but it is not nearly the largest rollout in India:

“Novell along with the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) is installing Suse Linux in around 40,000 desktops in the entire state. Over 50 per cent of the estimated Rs 200 crore project has already been completed, according to C Umashankar, managing director, ELCOT.

“This is the second largest implementation of Linux on the desktop – the biggest one being that of around 60,000 desktops in LIC of India by Red Hat, which is estimated to have implemented over 200,000 desktop OS installations. Canara Bank too has around 10,000 Linux OS desktops.”

A chart in the above article lists 7 different Linux migrations totaling 140,000 PCs across India. I’ve covered a number of these before.

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