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Zoho Writer Updated

Zoho Writer, the online word processor with (in my opinion) the best interface, has recently released an update with support for comments and its first step toward offline support using the open source Google Gears framework.

Zoho’s blog covers the release in Offline Support & Comments in Zoho Writer.

“In Zoho Writer, you’ll now see a ‘Go Offline’ link on the top. Clicking on the link for the first time will prompt you to install Google Gears. Once the installation is complete (and your browser restarted), click on ‘Go Offline’ to make your documents (both personal and shared docs) available offline. By default 15 documents are downloaded to be available offline. You can change the options by clicking on the down arrow beside ‘Go Offline’ link to download more documents. To go back online, click on ‘Go Online’ and you’ll be redirected to the online version of Zoho Writer.”

Note that this version provides read-only mode while offline, with read-and-write offline capabilities planned for a later update.

Zoho Writer has a new comments feature as well. See their blog post linked above for a video demo.

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