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Louis Suarez-Potts and Hu Caiyong started the first day of the Conference (Wednesday) with two consecutive keynote presentations.

Louis spoke about the future of OOo in “ 3.0 and Beyond” (3.0 is scheduled for release in mid-2008 and will include a large batch of new features, including the long-awaited PIM users have been demanding).

Hu Xiansheng discussed the role his company (RedFlag 2000) has taken within the ecosystem. They have developed RedOffice, an OOo-derivative with user interface and document format specifically tailored to the Chinese market. (Consisting of 80 million current users, and projected to grow by 20 million per year for the next half-decade.)

These talks and the rest of the conference are being videoed and will be available on the Kiberpipa Conference website as soon as they are ready.

My own presentation, “Case Study: Guerrilla Advertising in the New York Metro Newspaper,” took place at 4:30 local time in the amazing “Paranimf” room. About 25 attendees joined me, and came up with some interesting follow-up questions at the end. (Download my slides in ODF here.)

I’m also blogging the conference for CenterNetworks. My first post discussed the opening Native Language Confederation party on Tuesday night.

Main conference room “Paranimf”

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