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More Pre-Installs, and ODF Growth

Erwin Tenhumberg let loose a flurry of blog posts this week covering OOo and ODF issues…

He uncovered a UK outfit selling PCs with preinstalled, adding to the pressure on other OEMs. I’m sure we will see steady progress on this front, bringing us ever closer to the tipping point.

He also announced (though I’m sure I already knew this) the OLPC XO will use ODF as its default format for its office productivity applications, meaning several million more users will be joining the ODF installed base.

And, he follows up on the Dutch government’s ODF plan: “According to this German article on heise, the Dutch parliament approved the open standards and open source adoption plan submitted by the Ministry of Economy. According to the plan, government agencies are supposed to read and write ODF in parallel to existing formats by April 2008, at least that is my understanding.”

Momentum is growing tremendously for ODF and Congratulations to everyone involved!

One Response to “More Pre-Installs, and ODF Growth”

  1. Andy Loughran Says:
    December 13th, 2007 at 11:31 am

    Benjamin, it sure is a small world. This venture evolved into a joint effort by AxiomTech ( and VeryPC into selling PCs with ubuntu installed. I know this, as an Axiom Tech associate 🙂

    I spent a week of last year in Sheffield @ VeryPC doing the OEM images on a couple of PCs. Unfortunately, providing an OS built in, with the varying hardware was difficult to maintain with customers coming in bursts, rather than at a consistent level.

    Great that the news reached the blogosphere without any direct input (albeit a year past the starting date).