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OpenOffice Adoptions in Israel and Vietnam

Erwin Tenhumberg points out two articles on new OOo adoptions in Israel and Vietnam. reports on an agreement between Sun and the Israeli education system to supply and Linux to schools. This marks a major change in Israel, which has been a staunch user of almost exclusively Microsoft software to date:

“According to a computer teacher in a Tel Aviv high school, “even though the software world offers a multitude of alternatives, to date we have used Microsoft products almost exclusively. That is very frustrating, not least because in some cases the open source developments are better than those of the closed source.”

Vietnam is moving aggressively to migrate to OpenOffice for its government employees, and also promote it in the private sector:

“The majority of computers made in Vietnam have now started to come put with the Linux operating system to pave the way for spreading the usage of open source software in the country,” says Pham Thien Nghe, chairman of the Vietnam Computer Producers Club and director of Khai Tri Company.

“Khai Tri will produce 15,000 PCs this year, and up to 10,000 of which are installed with Linux to supply State agencies and education institutions. The remainder will be supplied to small- and medium-sized enterprises, and within this smaller segment, users will decide which operating system to be installed.”

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