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OpenProj Surpasses 200,000 Downloads

A formal press release should be coming soon to announce that OpenProj has surpassed 200,000 downloads.

The preview I’ve seen announces, “Projity Hits 200,000 Download Milestone with OpenProj”.

This “Open Source replacement of Microsoft Project has been downloaded over 200,000 times and is now being used in over 132 countries. OpenProj is rapidly becoming a standard on Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows environments.”

OpenProj is the most mature open source project management tool I’ve seen on the market, and makes a good complement to for individuals and offices that are starting to realize the wisdom of open source programs on the desktop.

Projity CEO Marc O’Brien has begun to measure the influence OpenProj has already had on the market’s incumbent players: “The 200,000+ downloads are just part of the story, many organizations are deploying hundreds and even thousands of OpenProj copies from their initial downloads. Projity is having a highly disruptive effect on Microsoft and other proprietary vendors while benefiting worldwide users.”

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